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Travel News


I’m back in London after an extraordinary summer which I spent retracing the route Vitus Bering travelled in 1725-1728. You can read all about it and see more photos by following this link.You can read my Fellow’s Report here. It would never have happened without the generous and ongoing support of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, who made me a 2010 fellow. I am very grateful to them. To find out more, follow this link.


Book News


The paperback edition of What I Love About Cricket was published on 3 June. You can order it from Amazon. And The Audio Book, in a truly delightful reading by Clive Mantel, is available now.  




“Hilarious… one of those entertaining paeans to cricket and its role in life, the universe and everything.” The Guardian


“A warm, funny, realistic and affectionate book that uses one man’s adoration of cricket and his inability to communicate it to those that he loves as a metaphor for a father’s role in an increasingly adult daughter’s life. And, somehow, it works perfectly.” All Out Cricket, May 2009


“The descriptions of great cricketing moments are vivid (his six-page account of Collingwood's catch of Hayden off Harmison's bowling... is so good I had to YouTube it) and remind you what a brilliant game cricket is.” Brandon Robshaw in the Independent


But it’s not really about cricket. You can get the general idea from this piece I wrote in the Guardian. The Guardian helpfully catalogues everything each journalist writes. You can find more of my musings here.


“Highly entertaining.” Sir Tim Rice


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The Audio edition of What I Love About Cricket is available now.